Porton is an unremarkable coastbound town. It is remote enough to warrant a single-runway airfield, and has a university overshadowed in nearly all respects by other universities in the state. It excels in biotechnology – mainly due to the town’s heritage of hyper-engineering plants and crops to grow in the small available fertile space.

The only reason anyone pays any attention to Porton at all is because it functions as a transport hub. It is the largest bridge of the Porton River, which runs a fair way inland, and also has a large dock area, which swaps cargo between larger sea-borne ships and river barges.

It is divided into three areas – Outer Porton is the surrounding coastline and countryside, which for the most part is reasonably hilly and lightly forested, except for a few farms. Lower Porton is the land north of Porton River, containing the less salubrious members of society as well as fishing industries. Upper Porton is the higher area found to the south of the river, and is separated from the sea by cliffs.

There is a small industrial area in Upper Porton which primarily holds small industries who rely on the constant flow of goods through Porton, plus two biochemical engineering factories, owned by Carosel and Lemarke.

A Nuclear Reactor operates perhaps 10 minutes from the edge of town.

Primary Locations

Upper Porton

Lower Porton

Outer Porton

Secondary Locations


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