Survival Apocalypse

Act 1, Session 2
The green comets follow the blue ones, revealing horrors that should be left in B-rate movies. Also introducing Kermit the Hermit.

[META: This one will be a bit short, because I left it for ages and now I can’t remember anything. My bad.]

The party is surprised at the appearance of Kermit the Hermit, a druid who lived alone in the foothills to the west of Porton.

A large amount of experimentation on the box is performed (The Blue Comet) but nothing conclusive is found.

Theo searches the airfield for anything of value, but doesn’t find what he’s actually looking for, a flare gun.

The green comets fell from the sky in the early morning. The crash sites were left un-investigated for some time, while our heroes gathered their strength at the police station. Bruce recovered a large number of alcohol bottles to make molotov cocktails with.

They sallied forth near dawn, coming into contact with a hideous, pulsating mass of near-flesh. Upon puncturing, it released a mass of frothy pus. Eventually, the heroes moved on, making hurriedly for the larger crash site, which contained a massive and quite ugly creature with a huge mouth. Attempts to hurt it failed miserably, so the team withdrew across the bridge, making for the hospital.

There they immediately set several teams of men to making barricades on the nearby streets.

Bruce, Theo and Kermit set off back to the police station in search of radios and the box.

Act 1, Session 1
A blue comet destroys the main bridge and prompts mass panic. Fred and Bruce attempt to maintain order, while Theo retreats to nearby hills.

The story

An ordinary day in Porton on 21 December, 2012. Several people are freaked out about the sky, but nobody is particularly worried or informed yet.

Police Commander Silverstein makes his daily rounds, and has cheese for lunch. A brief phone call to Northtown reveals very little and is abruptly cut off.

Reverend Mendel reads the bible (John 3:16), buys some fish and writes a sermon on Revelations in the highway burger shop.

Theodore Dodge searches the internet for any information regarding the skies, but finding only panic and misinformation, goes back to organising the New Year’s drug distributions. He also has lunch in the burger shop, and a very awkward conversation with both Fred and Bruce.

Night falls. Theo has trouble sleeping, but sees no change in the skies. Bruce sleeps like a log, while Fred wakes up right on time for his 2am round.

He does a circuit of Lower Porton and is halfway through Upper Porton when he notices an incoming comet/meteor. He begins to alert the town, horse-sirens blazing, and the screaming begins. Most people flee for the hills. Mendel awakes and begins to ring the church bell, alerting Theo. Theo begins to pack everything important, worrying for his safety as those he deals with come after him. As he leaves, he breaks into and loots many Lower Porton houses, recovering a reasonable supply of food.

The blue comet hits the bridge in the centre of town, destroying the bridge and causing damage to the surrounding area. In the docks, Crane #4 still stands.

Bruce and Fred begin to organize relief efforts, eventually creating two primary relief bases, Porton Hospital and Porton Church.

Bruce searches the university for Frank, finding him and other staff members calmly drinking tea. On the way out he encounters Theo, who is looting the university labs, and tells him of the relief zones at the hospital and church. Theo retreats to the hills overlooking Highway 14.

Bruce and Fred search the houses to the south of the crater, finding them mysteriously empty. They then oversee a team to lift the blue box from the river and drag it into the police station for further examination.

The green comets still hang ominously in the sky as dawn breaks on the first day of the end of the world.

Mysterious Happenings

  • The falling comet
  • The empty houses south of the river
  • A sudden disconnection in the phone line to Northtown
  • Sydney reports that they have their own issues to deal with, but an earlier call to Macquarie University revealed nothing of the sort.

First Appearances

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